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Comic creator Dan Wickline (1001 Arabian Nights: The Adventures of Sinbad, ShadowHawk, 30 Days of Night: Spreading the Disease) announces the release of his first novel. The character of paranormal detective Lucius Fogg made his debut in a Comic-Con exclusive novella in 2009. The following year Wickline embraced technology and wrote the next Fogg adventure live on Twitter. Now Fogg and his leg man Jimmy Doyle have become available for the Kindle, the Nook or for PDF download with the release of the full-length novel LUCIUS FOGG: DEADLY CREATURES.

The set up for the story is unique: “Jimmy Doyle is an honorable man who took a bullet for his country and returned home to become a private detective. His boss, Lucius Fogg, is the preeminent occultist who dabbles in solving the more macabre crimes of 1950s New York City. As Fogg’s legman, Doyle is thrust deep into the world of the supernatural, pitting him against everything from disembodied spirits to demonic possessions with a few vampires and werewolves thrown in. He often has to face these dangers alone, for even though the enigmatic Fogg is extremely powerful he can’t take one step outside of his home or he will die instantly.”

The novel is available for $2.99, a price Wickline was very adamant about: “The people who read my comic work are used to this price point, but now I get to offer them hours of entertainment instead of the normal twenty to thirty minutes they would get from a comic.”

As to why self-publish rather than going to an established literary house: “Fogg combines the things I love, classic detective tales with horror elements and hard-boiled heroes. It’s exactly the story I wanted to tell, but it doesn’t fit neatly into any of the existing categories that the established publishers like. By doing everything myself I have no one I’m beholden to other than my readers.”

Deadly Creatures is the first in a series of Lucius Fogg novels that Wickline plans to release two to three times a year. “I’m already a third of the way into the next novel and want to have it out before the end of the year. I have a plethora of ideas for Fogg and Doyle and the fact I write very fast allows me to explore this universe while still taking on the great comic projects that come my way.”

Lucius Fogg: Deadly Creatures is available now from:

Fogg for Kindle from Amazon.com

Fogg for Nook from Barnesandnoble.com

Or can be purchased as a PDF file directly through Paypal below.

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