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I’m not a political guy, but I know enough about politics to know when it’s not working. What the nation has seen this year has been nothing short of disgusting. People openly ignoring the facts and pandering to their base in hopes of currying favor for future elections. Senators and congressmen diving in front of cameras so they can spout the latest set of talking points geared to get a reaction from their constituents. All the while, the country slips further and further into economic ruin. The only thing we’re missing is the metaphorical fiddler.

It’s time for some truths to be laid out for you. None of you have a mandate of the people. None of you are speaking for America as a whole. At best you represent six out of every ten people in the area you come from. That means at least four out of every ten people didn’t want you for the job. But you are there for all of the people you represent and should keep that in mind when you are deciding on what’s best for the country. The extreme ends of your party are going to vote for you anyway, it’s the people in the middle that have to be swayed.

That said, there needs to be some massive changes in how things are done and they need to start now. Common sense things to be enacted at a time where sense seems to be anything but common. These are things that will show not only the American people, but the world at large that Washington is serious about fixing our economy and not just stuck in the same political quagmire.

1) The President needs to call congress back to Washington. When things are bad at our jobs, we don’t get to take vacations. Show the country that it matters by being at your desk not in your vacation villa drinking a mimosa. Cancel all unnecessary travel and push aside all non-crucial business that doesn’t pertain to the economy and job growth.

2) When congress returns, you need to pass a bill stating that the pay of all member of congress will be reduced in relations to the unemployment rate. For every full percentage point the country is above seven percent, salaries will be reduced by twenty percent and that money will be fed into the unemployment system. If the unemployment rate is nine percent then forty percent of congressional salaries is pulled and given to unemployment. You need to feel the same pain as the people you represent.

3) No more bi-partisan committees that spend all their time arguing. No Super-congress to come up with cuts. We need experts dealing with this and since the majority of elected officials in Washington are lawyers whose specialty is arguing regardless of the truth or facts, then none of them count. Put together groups of real experts to specifically look at Defense spending, Social Security, Medicare, Welfare and the tax code. Give them legitimate and equal goals to find through closing loop holes, improving efficiency and ending outdate or unnecessary projects. And once these cuts and changes are decided upon, approve them without argument.

4) Stay off the airwaves. This constant bickering between the two sides is not only embarrassing but is causing the majority of unrest and volatility in the market. Go into your offices and do your jobs. Just because the media have twenty-four hour news cycles to fill doesn’t mean you have to provide the content. If you are out there telling the world how we are all going to hell and it’s the other guys fault, all we’ll hear is we’re going to hell and you didn’t do anything to stop it.

5) No more riders. Put a moratorium on attachments to bills that muddy up what the legislation is trying to do. This is not the time for you to try and jam your personal objectives down the countries throat. If it’s a bill to extend unemployment benefits then there should not be a rider cutting funding to Planned Parenthood. You want that, then make it a bill onto itself and get it passed on its own merits. If your legislation is truly what the country wants then it will pass without you trying to sneak it in the back door.

6) You must accept there are no more sacred cows. Everything is on the table and must be looked at to find the best way to fix the economy. This means Social Security, Defense, Medicare and even raising taxes. We all must be willing to do our part. That’s how this country was founded, through compromise and hard work, why should it be any different today?

This country has always been strongest when we stand together. As elected officials, you are supposed to represent the best of us. We should be proud that you are there with our vote. Your ideology should guide you with ideas, not make you so rigid you can’t compromise. You are there to do what is best for all of America. From the guy who doesn’t have a dollar to the one who has too many to count. The benefits of government should be the same for everyone and the cost should affect each of us the same. It’s your job to make this country better, safer and a place where we can all thrive. It’s time for you to step up and show that you deserve to be in Washington… before the voters show you that you don’t.

Dan Wickline

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