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A thousand whispers are louder than one scream. That should be the rallying cry of the new digital era of independence. The advances in technology have created so many new avenues for creativity that it allows just about everyone to not only find their muse but gives them the ability to release it to the world. But the ease of access is also a double-edged sword. There’s no filter system to weed out the good from the bad. Nothing that tells the ‘not-ready-for-primetime’ that they need more work or anything that shines a spotlight on the hidden treasure.

As a writer, technology has given me this new path to putting out my work. I sat down and wrote a novel. I did a big part of it live on Twitter to help build an audience then I did the rest in private until I had a finished, polished novel that I was ready to sell the world. I shopped it around a bit to agents, but the literary print industry is so difficult to break into that if it was my only option, I probably would have put Lucius Fogg into a drawer and moved on to something else. But I could electronically publish it myself. With the advent of the Kindle, Nook, Kobo and iPad I didn’t need to find a publishing house. I could make digital files of the book and list it on Amazon, Barnes and Noble or even just sell it directly from my website. This gives me complete artistic freedom to write what I want and how often I want. I just have to put it out there and find an audience.

And there is the speed bump on the cosmic highway to success, finding an audience. You put the work out there for the world to see then realize that no one is looking. So you start shouting to anyone who will listen. But you’re not the only one shouting. Every other author who is doing the same thing is standing right next to you trying to get the attention on them. And you realize that you are but one tiny ant in the hill and no amount of shouting will change that. And the truth is, I’m just not that comfortable screaming.

There is also the other side of the story, the readers. How many times have you found a book, comic, television series that you really like only to discover that it’s been cancelled? It’s only going to get worse now. That indie author you’ve really grown to love has to pay his mortgage and can’t justify spending the hundred plus hours on the next novel if he’s only going to sell fifty copies. But you can change that. You can make a difference. You can help make sure that next novel is made. That is the amazing part of the new digital era… you can be more than just a reader, you can be a partner. For every quick review you put up, every Facebook mention, every Twitter comment, you help spread the word about a book you like and help build the audience, in return you’ll get what everyone wants from something they like… more.

Fogg is still new to the market and just getting started, but I don’t want to shout. It’s just not effective. I also don’t want this character to get lost in the sea of mediocrity that’s the fallout from the digital revolution. I want to write novel after novel with Lucius and Jimmy investigating the most bizarre and twisted cases I can come up with. To do that, I need partners. I need people who like my stories and are willing to tell their friends. To comment on Amazon, link on Facebook or Tweet to the world. I won’t need to shout if you are willing to whisper. Become one of ‘Fogg’s Whispers’. Help me prove that a thousand whispers are louder than one scream.

Dan Wickline

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