Dan Wickline (danwick) wrote,
Dan Wickline

Lucius Fogg - Mystery of the Nine

I did a Lucius Fogg micro-story today in honor of my 15,000 tweet. I share it with you now.

Lucius Fogg: Mystery of the Nine by Dan Wickline.

“Leave them alone, Jimmy.” Fogg said to me as I saw the nine keys sitting in the glass case. But my curiosity was too strong.

“But what are they for? There must be nine locks somewhere.” I gazed at each golden key as they lay upon the crushed red velvet.

“Only one door, but each key opens it into a different world.” Fogg leaned back in his chair. “Eight worlds of torture and one of paradise.”

“How do you know which goes to which?” I had noticed that each key was identical down to the tiniest imperfection.

“You don’t.” Fogg gently tapped the glass case. “Once you use the key, you are sucked into the other world while the key returns to its kind. And you return hours later forever scarred by the experience.”

I snickered a little and responded, “I’ve had a few dates like that.”

“I don’t understand. If one is paradise wouldn’t you return happy?” Now it was Fogg’s turn to smile. “If you found paradise and then lost it…” He pushed the case toward me. “How much torture would you go through trying to get back to it?”

I put the case back into the safe and closed the door. I was content with the world I lived in and would leave paradise to the dreamers.

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