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I am horrible at self-promotion.

I am basically an introvert who would prefer to be at home writing and creating new stories than going out and promoting myself or networking. Don’t get me wrong, I like people and I enjoy meeting readers and creators and talking about the industry… but it takes a lot out of me. Where I get recharged by writing, playing music and doing photography.

I’ve had folks tell me I need to promote myself better… and I notice it when I’m talking to someone in the industry and they ask what I’ve done. Most of the time they are surprised at how much work I’ve done and how long I’ve been doing it. I seem to be the best kept secret in comics.

In 2002 I started as a freelancer and in the last decade plus I have worked for:

Humanoids Publishing
Avatar Press
IDW Publishing
Cellar Door Publishing
Moonstone Books
Image Comics
Zenescope Entertainment
Shadowline Comics
Top Cow Productions
Dynamite Entertainment

I’ve written an episode of Metal Hurlant Chronicles and script doctored two others. Had a photography book published by Goliath Books and I’ve written two Lucius Fogg novels published by Dark Muse Press.

So I’m putting this out here because my goal is to move forward. I want to continue to work with the above publishers, but over the next year I would like to add Marvel, DC, Dark Horse and Boom to the mix… or at least two of those.

I also want to do more TV/Film work. Watch the Shelter Me episode of Metal Hurlant Chronicles… the one with James Marsters and Michelle Ryan… that is my story, those are my words.

I’ll be pushing more on my prose work. More Lucius Fogg novels and something completely new is in the works.

I am going to make a concentrated effort to be everywhere working on everything over the next year. And if you are an editor, publisher, TV producer, director, studio exec or agent… You’ll be hearing from me soon.
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